G2 Vision

Photorealistic 3D Reality Capture for AR/VR games, applications and film.

Residential Vision

The perfect way to showcase any property to potential buyers. Popular with international buyers, the 3D Showcase has a higher resolution than most videos and gives the buyer the ability to stop the tour and look around at any time, on any device including Virtual Reality.

Commercial Vision

During construction of a large project, scanning the build to show exactly where internal wiring and utilities are located before walls are fixed can prevent any discrepancies in the future and ensure fast and efficient action when issues arise.

Government Vision

Perfect for capturing the environment where new projects are in the planning stages. A great way to showcase finished projects to the public and creating a government archive of any building, inside and out, public spaces, artworks and more.

3D Showcase

Why do you need a 3D showcase?

  • Fully integrates with any Real Estate Site
  • 80% increase in enquiries for properties with 3D Tours
  • Users spend 52% longer on listings featuring 3D Tours
  • 3D Tours provide 4x engagement compared to video
  • VR Ready on any modern smartphone
  • Floor Plans Generated upon request
  • 3D Tour is available on virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone

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We're based out of New Zealand and Guatemala. If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach either of the team on Telegram directly.

Malex Jones

Founder / Project Lead

Paul Grey

Founder / Director